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Easydom Next

4.6 ( 4096 ratings )
Narzędzia Styl życia
Desenvolvedor: Easydom Inc.
9.99 USD

Enter in your home with your iPhone: Easydom Next for iPhone allows you to manage your Easydom system at any time and in complete safety.
Through Easydom Next you can control lights, turn on alarm and motorizations, setting the right temperature, run your own scenarios, control cameras. Managing home has never been so simple, with Easydom your Home Automation system is even more intuitive and easy to use.
If you have an Easydom system or a compatible one, find out on how to activate Easydom Live service to be able to manage your system from anywhere and at any time.
The application only works in combination with a home automation system managed by Easydom Next Home Elite.
For info or help please contact us by email: